STTA Live: What Does it Mean to be a Transgender Role Model? 

Trans youth need people to look up to, but what does that mean? What pressure does that put on trans and nonbinary individuals in the public eye? We're highlighting a past Something To Talk About Live episode that answers these questions called, "What Does it Mean to be a Transgender Role Model?"

Watch this episode and other Something To Talk About Live episodes on our Straight For Equality Website!

Real-Time Community, the PFLAG Way

Have you joined our growing PFLAG National online community on Facebook? As PFLAGers, you are the life of the party and the heart of the conversation. Help us roll out the PFLAG welcome wagon to folks who are new to us and our mission. 

Our group is growing quickly, and you can help us by inviting your friends to join, too!

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The Advocate Educator's Handbook

"The Advocate Educator’s Handbook: Creating Schools Where Transgender and Non-Binary Students Thrive" offers a tested framework for educators to use in their journeys to creating inclusive classrooms and education environments for transgender and non-binary students.

Learn more and order at!

Share Your Story!

We want to hear your ally stories—and share them in our forthcoming new edition of guide to being a trans and nonbinary ally. Are you someone who is trans or nonbinary who has allies that have made a difference in your life? Are you an active and engaged ally to people who are trans and nonbinary? Are you the parent or family member of a trans or nonbinary person? We want to hear from you! 

By sharing your personal stories of allyship, you will make a transformative difference in the lives of trans and nonbinary people, and help positively change the conversation about diverse experiences with gender.

Ready to share? Tell us your story. Responses may be chosen to appear in the 2024 edition of the guide to being a trans and nonbinary ally. The deadline to share is Friday, March 1.


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