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Join us in Washington, DC Oct. 19-22 for Learning With Love: The 2023 PFLAG National Convention. We’ll be kicking things off on Day 1 with PFLAG National Lobby Day on Capitol Hill, a chance for you to tell Members of Congress why it’s so important to support LGBTQ+ people and their families. This full day of direct advocacy is an opportunity to harness the power of your personal story to soften hearts, change minds, and create lasting legislative change. The deadline to sign up for PFLAG National Lobby Day is Sept. 18th.

Court Matters

Federal judge restores Georgia’s ban on hormone replacement therapy for minors not already in care. On September 5th, Judge Sarah Geraghty of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia lifted her previous stay on Senate Bill 140, which prohibits licensed medical professionals from providing hormone therapy to minors not already in care and imposes criminal penalties on violators. 

District court dismisses lawsuit against sorority sisters who wanted to block a transgender woman from joining. On August 29th, U.S. District Court Judge Alan Johnson dismissed a lawsuit brought by six sorority sisters from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at the University of Wyoming to limit admission of Artemis Langford, a transgender woman, into the organization. 

California Attorney General files lawsuit against school district for new “forced outing” policy. AG Rob Bonta filed a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District for their new policy which requires school personnel to out students to their parents if the students ask the school to use different names, pronouns, or facilities. PFLAG National Board Chair Susan Thronson, joined by PFLAG Riverside President JoAnn Rayshel and her husband Barry, attended the hearing, met with media, and issued a statement supporting trans and gender non-conforming students and the AG’s lawsuit.

U.S. Appeals Court in Kentucky meets to consider a stay on ban of medically necessary gender-affirming care. On September 1st, U.S. Appeals Court Judge David Hale heard arguments from the ACLU of Kentucky, who is currently representing families of transgender youth, in an attempt to reinstall injunctions against Kentucky’s Senate Bill 150, which bans medically necessary gender-affirming care for LGBTQ+ youth. 

Texas Supreme Court grants Attorney General Paxton's appeal of injunction, making the ban on medically necessary gender-affirming care go into effect on September 1st. On August 31st, Texas District Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel brought an injunction to temporarily block SB 14 from going into effect, which followed a hearing in which PFLAG National’s CEO Brian K. Bond testified on behalf of PFLAG families; however, Texas AG Ken Paxton was granted an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court, making the bill effective on September 1st.

Federal Matters

LGBTQ+ groups and other social justice advocates participate in the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington. PFLAG Philadelphia President Sheila Emerson, flanked by PFLAG National CEO Brian K. Bond, addressed thousands of people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on August 26th to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

State Matters

Warning: While some of the following stories describe legislative actions to celebrate and affirm LGBTQ+ people, many cover legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and non-binary youth. Please be kind to yourself and use your discretion while reading this section. 

Advisory: State news is representative but not exhaustive due to space constraint; feel free to forward news about your state to advocacy@pflag.org to consider for inclusion.

California - Yolo County library in Davis receives multiple bomb threats after online Anti-LGBTQ+ comments. The Mary L. Stephens Davis Yolo County Library has received a flurry of bomb threats after an anti-LGBTQ+ influencer attacked the library online. 

Iowa - LGBTQ+ Pride group excluded from Essex Labor Day ParadeShenandoah Pride’s group was excluded from marching with a small group, a banner, and a drag queen in the Essex Labor Day Parade, reportedly removed by the mayor who cited safety concerns.  

Missouri - The Missouri Department of Health removed youth LGBTQ+ resources from its website. The Department of Health has removed sexual health and LGBTQ+ youth resources from its website, citing concerns that the resources might not comply with the current anti-LGBTQ+ state laws.

Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh could become 'sanctuary city' for medically necessary gender-affirming care. Pittsburgh Councilwoman Barb Warwick is proposing a bill that would safeguard healthcare providers performing medically necessary gender-affirming care and reduce enforcing penalties on patients if a national ban were to be implemented.

Global Matters

Brazil - Brazilian Supreme Court rules homophobic slurs are punishable by prison. The Supreme Court ruled (9-1) that using homophobic slurs is a punishable offense as part of a larger effort to address bias in Brazil, protecting the LGBTQ+ community and allowing offenders to be prosecuted with possible two-to-five-year imprisonment.

Canada - Government issues travel advisory to LGBTQ+ travelers to the U.S. The Canadian government released a non-state specific travel advisory for the United States, warning that visitors might face discrimination because of the dozens of anti-LGBTQ+ state laws. 

(Special Administrative Region of) China- Hong Kong's top court partially approved a landmark appeal supporting same-sex couples. Hong Kong's top court partially approved an appeal by an LGBTQ+ activist for same-sex marriage recognition on September 5th, calling for new regulations to protect same-sex couples' basic social needs.

Uganda - Federal government starts charging individuals under new extreme anti-LGBTQ+ law with death penalty. Two individuals in Uganda have been charged with "aggravated homosexuality," a crime punishable by death under a recent anti-gay law passed in May. Although being LGBTQ+ was already illegal in Uganda, the new law has been widely characterized as one of the world’s harshest anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Media Matters

Cosmetics brand ends Alice Cooper collection. Alice Cooper, a rock singer, called "cases of transgender" a "fad" in an interview, ending Cooper’s partnership with LGBTQ+-owned Vampyre Cosmetics.

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