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Court Matters

The Supreme Court limits affirmative action in college admissions. On June 29th, SCOTUS ruled against the affirmative action admissions programs of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (in a 6-3 vote) and Harvard University (in a 6-2 vote), ruling that both programs violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution and are therefore unlawful.

The Supreme Court rules in favor of anti-LGBTQ+ graphic designer. On June 30th, SCOTUS ruled in favor (in a 6-3 vote) of an evangelical Christian graphic designer from Colorado who does not want to create wedding websites for same-sex couples, despite the state’s protective anti-discrimination law.

The Supreme Court blocks President Biden's student loan relief plan. On June 30th, SCOTUS rejected the Biden administration’s arguments (in a 6-3 vote) that the plan was lawful under a 2003 law called the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act, or HEROES Act.

Two federal courts debunk misinformation on gender-affirming care. U.S. District Courts in Tennessee and in Kentucky separately, and each on June 23rd, struck down bans on gender-affirming care with clear and direct language that supports medically necessary care, lauding the science-based evidence. 

Family of transgender teen sues insurance company after refusing to cover gender-affirming surgery. Represented by Lambda Legal, the family of a 15-year-old transgender boy from Washington state has filed a federal lawsuit against Premera Blue Cross, claiming that the healthcare provider is violating the Affordable Care Act.

Federal Matters

Vice President Kamala Harris historically visits national monument Stonewall Inn. Her visit marks the first time a Vice President has visited the site where the landmark Stonewall Riots took place in June 1969.

State Matters

Warning: While some of the following stories describe legislative actions to celebrate and affirm LGBTQ+ people, many cover legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and non-binary youth. Please be kind to yourself and use your discretion while reading this section. 

Advisory: State news is representative but not exhaustive due to space constraint; feel free to forward news about your state to to consider for inclusion.

Arizona - Gov. Katie Hobbs signs two pro-LGBTQ+ Executive Orders banning conversion therapy, granting gender-affirming care. The EO ensures that state employee health insurance plans can no longer list gender-affirming surgery as ineligible for coverage, prohibits state offices to work with states that have banned gender-affirming care, and bans state support for so-called conversion therapy.

Michigan - State Legislature bans so-called conversion therapy for minors. The State Senate confirmed its state ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ minors. The bill would prevent healthcare and mental health professionals from suggesting the practice for minors. 

New York - Governor signs 'safe haven' law for transgender youth. Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a bill that protects transgender minors' access to medical care, including puberty blockers and hormone therapy. The bill prevents state courts from labeling transition-related medical care as child abuse for minors, making it one of the 11 states in the country that safeguards transgender medical care.

North Carolina - North Carolina Senate approves ban on gender-affirming care for minors.  Legislation has been passed by the state Senate that prohibits gender-affirming care for minors and the use of state funds for such treatments, including hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and gender-affirming surgery, which medical professionals may not provide to minors, even if they have parental consent. The bill is headed to Gov. Roy Cooper for signature or veto.

Rhode Island - Gov. Dan McKee signs law that will reduce the spread of HIV transmissions. On June 28th, the Governor signed legislation making HIV prevention (PrEP) and post-exposure (PEP) medications accessible and covered by insurance, including newer injectable formulations.

Global Matters

Philippines - The LGBTQ+ community holds Pride marches in major cities as they demand action for the SOGIE Equality Bill. Filipino LGBTQ+ communities held Pride marches to celebrate their right to love and demand the passage of the Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality bill.

Turkey - Police detain 50 after Pride march in Istanbul. During Istanbul’s annual pride parade, the Turkish police blocked the usual routes, leading marchers to proceed to the streets, and law enforcement intervened.

Media Matters

NHL, players unveil an inclusion coalition they hope will help make hockey more diverse and welcoming. The National Hockey League and Players Association created an inclusion committee on Tuesday to help foster inclusivity within the league and increase access for minorities and LGBTQ+ people. 

PFLAG National celebrates Pride at V.P. Kamala Harris’ backyard Pride Month reception with GLAAD. PFLAG was in the house for the star-studded event that included first nonbinary Tony Award winner Alex Newell (SHUCKED), and featured PFLAG kid Sam Charney, child of PFLAG Denver board member Lynn Kutner. Charney gave a rousing speech and introduced the Vice President. 

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