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Let’s talk about not losing momentum after Pride activities and touch-points. Engaging new audiences and keeping them engaged after meeting is vital to developing lasting relationships.

Organize follow-up events or initiatives: Keep the energy going by organizing follow-up events or initiatives that expand on the themes and values of PFLAG. Take some time to identify the correct outlets to reach your target audience. Don’t forget, many local businesses or organizations may offer discounted or additional opportunities for your chapter in support of your nonprofit status. You should also feel inclined to ask for financial support from attendees, and discuss ways your chapter can support folks who may not be able to attend due to cost.

This includes:

  • Various PFLAG Connects “Plan A Program” are already developed for your use and can be held, either virtually or in person.
    • Film Screening (family or adult oriented) 
    • Panel Discussion
    • Read with Love In
    • Hosted discussions/guest speakers e.g. a presentation about nontraditional LGBTQ+ friendly jobs
  • Targeted Programming Opportunities
    • Family programming offers the chance for members and supporters to bring their family to PFLAG events and have the opportunity to build relationships and additional connections outside of support spaces. 
      • Examples include: petting zoo, swim as you are event, bouncy house, ice cream social, exercise events like roller or ice skating and rock climbing, baking, or crafts
    • Adult programming allows folks to have a chance to engage with one another socially, and bring more of themselves into the community.
      • Examples include: exercise events like walks, hikes, fishing, or a gym takeover, trivia/jeopardy events
  • PFLAG Gives Back Events: We have resources developed to help you partner with any local nonprofit to do a project (community clean up, animal shelter, etc). You should also feel empowered to give back in ways that are most meaningful to your community. Examples include things like a community trash pickup, voter registration drive, or other civic engagement activities, too. 

Be intentional with the types of engagement opportunities you invite new audiences too! Recognize that different segments of your audience may have unique interests and preferences. Tailor your content and events to cater to various demographics, ensuring the space has those you are intending to target. Partnerships and other pockets of the community may have individuals who could join and share space and will expand your reach. 

Rural Think Tank

PFLAG chapters that serve rural areas have unique challenges. With that in mind, I want to invite rural chapter leaders to the upcoming Rural Think Tank, an opportunity to discuss those challenges with other chapter leaders from rural areas. July’s discussion topic will be leadership development, so if you’d like support with with bringing in new leaders in your rural community or if you’ve had a lot of success and can share your ideas, I encourage you to register:

July 27th 7 PM EDT/4 PM PT

Regional Roundup

Let’s see what some chapters in the network are up to!

PFLAG Cape Girardeau chapter in Missouri have a great example of a PFLAG Gives Back event! They meet once a month on a Saturday to walk the sidewalks in their city to pick up trash. Here’s what Mary said about their project and why they do it: 

“We chose to do this community service project to get the PFLAG name more visible, while also helping the area where we live. The area we serve borders a popular park and it takes less than an hour to cover an area of about ½ mile. We advertise our street clean up on Facebook and in our monthly newsletter. We wear our PFLAG shirts during this time, and by cleaning up the trash, the city puts up a sign on each end of the clean-up area.”

PFLAG Tolland-Mansfield held a successful, family oriented social event in February of this year! They hosted their first annual “Love is Love Skate” at a local roller skating rink and the event was organized to create a safe and inclusive space for the community's young individuals. Once the space rental and logistics were figured out, the chapter reached out to community partners and centered the voices of the youth in planning through collaboration with the local GSAs and youth services organizations. Due to their early and ongoing inclusion of these partners and key stakeholders–the event they started as a community offering ended up netting the chapter over $2,000, even though it was held on Superbowl Sunday! In addition to a very successful event, the chapter has already debriefed and made plans for next year. They plan to have more decorations, prizes, and to be able to provide more sponsored tickets to support local students.

Stay safe,

Eddy Funkhouser (they/he)

Eddy Funkhouser  |  Chapter Engagement Coordinator
Western Region: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY
Pronouns: he/they
PFLAG National | P: (202) 467-8181 | |

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