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In any organization, the heart and soul is its membership. Whether it's a local club, a national association, or a grassroots movement, the collective strength of its members propels its mission forward. This is where the undeniable power of a membership drive comes into play.

  • Unity in Numbers: A membership drive isn't just about increasing a group's roster. It's about expanding a community. When we band together, our unified voice resonates louder, our actions leave a bigger mark, and our reach extends further.
  • Driving Positive Change: New members often mean fresh ideas. An influx of members can rejuvenate an organization, sparking renewed energy and enthusiasm. This invigoration often translates into more significant community engagement, more successful projects, and heightened impact.
  • Financial Stability: For many groups, memberships come with dues or donations. A successful membership drive can bolster an organization's financial health, allowing for better resources, more events, and enhanced member benefits. It's a sustainable way to ensure longevity and growth.

Membership drives are more than numbers games. They're about uniting people under a shared vision, amplifying the organization's voice, and securing its future. As you’re preparing for membership drives, annual meetings, and annual responsibilities season–I want to share a bit about a tool that could be helpful for your chapter all year round. 

Linktree is a platform that allows users to create a single, customizable landing page containing multiple links to their various social media profiles, websites, and content, simplifying the sharing of multiple links through a single URL.

We’ve set up a sample LinkTree including links to membership drive materials so you can see how it works and some documents that might be helpful to your chapter.

Rural Think Tank is Back!

Rural PFLAG chapters may face different challenges than urban and suburban chapters, including having different access to resources. September’s Rural Think Tank will address assessing resources outside the big city. Register today!

Tuesday, September 12th: 6pm-7:30pm PT / 9pm-10:30pm ET

Convention Corner

Learning With Love: The 2023 PFLAG National Convention is coming soon, here are items that need your attention: 

Regional Roundup

As we start winding down for this fiscal year and looking ahead to the next few months, I'm thrilled to announce our new Membership Portal! This portal will replace the current Chapter Hub, offering you a more user-friendly platform. With this new Membership Portal, you'll not only be able to manage your chapter more efficiently but also handle your National membership seamlessly.

Our official launch date for the new Membership Portal is set for mid-September. However, please note that all Chapter Hub accounts will be temporarily inaccessible from September 11 to September 17, 2023, as we prepare for the transition. To ensure a smooth process, please ensure that your chapter board records reflect your current leadership before the freeze period begins. Our new login system will also be tied to your personal email on file, so please ensure the correct email is listed on your records!

In anticipation of the new system launch, we will be offering a training session in early October. This session will assist you in smoothly transitioning to the new Membership Portal. More details on this training will be provided as we get closer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new Membership Portal, please contact Brooke Smith (

Stay safe,

Ruadhan Ward (They / Them)

Ruadhan Ward  |  Chapter Engagement Coordinator
Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs
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