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Giving Tuesday (Tuesday, November 28, 2023) is an annual event that brings together nonprofits, donors, and communities to celebrate the spirit of giving. This day provides a unique opportunity for nonprofits such as PFLAG to raise funds, increase awareness, and engage with their supporters. 

Participating in Giving Tuesday offers numerous benefits and opportunities. Let’s explore these benefits and opportunities together. Fun fact: Small organizations historically do well on Giving Tuesday, as folks are looking to support local, grassroots organizations!

  • Fundraising Boost: One of the primary benefits of participation is the potential for a significant fundraising boost. This event encourages individuals and businesses to donate to their favorite nonprofits, often with the added incentive of matching funds or prizes. Additionally, the sense of urgency created by the event's limited timeframe can motivate donors to act promptly, resulting in increased donations.
  • Amplify Your Mission: Amplify your mission and reach a wider audience. By participating in Giving Tuesday, organizations can showcase their work, share success stories, and highlight the impact they have on their communities. This increased visibility can attract new supporters, volunteers, and potential partnerships, ultimately helping to expand the reach and influence of PFLAG. Remember to use our updated vision and mission—as well as your new logo and branding—for maximum impact and visibility. Find our branding resources for chapter leaders in the Member Portal. 
  • Collaboration and Networking: Using the provided platform for nonprofits to collaborate and network with other organizations allows for greater connection with like-minded organizations, share resources, and explore potential partnerships. 

By actively participating in Giving Tuesday, PFLAG chapters can harness the power of collective giving, strengthen their networks, and create lasting change. Let us embrace the spirit of giving and take advantage of this Giving Tuesday toolkit for nonprofits.

Regional Roundup

Learning With Love: The 2023 PFLAG National Convention was an incredible four days of advocacy, learning, and connecting with fellow PFLAGers. Take a moment to connect with your regional director and hear about their experience and their insights from gathering with hundreds of PFLAGers and allies. Did you attend the convention? Share your experience and insights with your regional director and with us! 

Missed it? Be sure to visit PFLAG National on YouTube or Facebook to catch our opening keynote from the First Lady, and our two fantastic plenaries on combating book bans and bans on healthcare for trans and nonbinary individuals.

Stay safe,

Shaun Connors (he/they)

Shaun Connors  |  Chapter Engagement Coordinator
Eastern Region (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV)
Pronouns: he/they
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