Dear PFLAG Supporter,

Before we dive into Pride Pack signups, we want to make sure you’re ready to elevate Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31st) on your social media channels. We’ve created a #TDOV social toolkit, with easy-to-share square and vertical graphic assets, great for use on all platforms. Find them by logging into the Chapter Leader Web Portal at, using the login information below, and visiting the social toolkit section in Essentials:

We hope you’ll use these designs to raise up our trans loved ones for #TDOV.


Chapters throughout our region are signing up to get their Pride Packs. Have you?

The deadline to sign up is coming up this Sunday, March 19th! If you haven’t yet signed up, now is the time! We’ve got bracelets, fans, buttons, flags, and—most especially—banners and table runners, personalized just for your chapter! (See more on these two important items below.)

Banners will be personalized with your chapter logo and one or two icons of your choice. On the signup form you will have the opportunity to select your icons from our icon presentation deck. You may choose ANY two icons offered, including icons from regions other than your own.

In order to get your Pride Pack on or before Friday, May 5, please speak with your board members, reach consensus on your banner icons, and then have only one chapter leader fill in this form

Note: If you’ve already signed up, you are good to go—no need to fill out and submit your form again.

In order to get your personalized items for your chapter, it’s important that you fully read the instructions on the signup form, and take action by the deadline, Sunday, March 19th. Chapters that miss this deadline are NOT guaranteed to receive these boxes by May 5th.

We’re just five days away from the March 19th deadline. Visit to sign up today.

Regional Roundup

Managing a high-volume email account can be challenging, but with some effective strategies, you can make the process much more manageable. Here are some tips to help you manage your high volume email account effectively.

  1. Create rules and filters: Many email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook, allow you to create rules and filters to automatically sort and prioritize your emails. You can set up rules to automatically move certain types of emails to specific folders, mark important emails as read or unread, or even forward emails to other people.
  2. Use search and advanced search: Instead of scrolling through hundreds of emails to find a specific message, use your email client's search function to quickly locate the emails you need. Advanced search functions allow you to search for emails by sender (like me!), recipient, date, keywords, and other criteria such as subject like “Leadership Learnings.”
  3. Prioritize your emails: Not all emails are equally important, respond to the most important and urgent emails first. You can use labels, tags, or stars to mark emails that require your attention. Be sure to include regular checks of your spam folder, too! 
  4. Set aside time for email management: Set aside specific times each day to check and respond to emails. Consider having shifts between your leadership of who will respond and oversee, making sure all emails are responded to within seven days. 

Let’s talk about newsletters! 

If you’re looking for an easy way to start or streamline your newsletter, try Mailchimp, an email marketing service that makes it simple to input email addresses, newsletter content, logos, and images. You can create a newsletter with a Canva template and email list that you can effortlessly replicate over and over. Need help with the process? Check out this Mailchimp newsletter tutorial.

In addition to an easy email newsletter format, consider having a version of your newsletter that you can print to distribute at chapter meetings or events, making it more widely accessible. You can do this by creating a PDF of your newsletter using your new Canva account.

Check out how some of our chapters have re-branded their newsletter!

Stay safe,

Shaun Connors (he/they)

Shaun Connors  |  Chapter Engagement Coordinator
Eastern Region (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV)
Pronouns: he/they
PFLAG National | P: (202) 558-3839 | |

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