Court Matters

Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached; suspended pending outcome of state Senate trial. The House vote to adopt the 20 articles of impeachment was 121-23 on May 27th while the legislature was still in session. Next with no trial deadline date, the Texas Senate will conduct a trial with Senators as jurors and designated House members will present the case as impeachment managers.

Federal Matters

Pres. Biden's 2023 Pride month proclamation reaffirms commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. Noting that the nation is at another inflection point, the President’s Pride proclamation calls out that the work is not for just one month but rather all year and calls for commitment to join with celebration to realize America’s promise.

The US Department of Education objects to how officials removed allegedly "sexually explicit" books from school library shelves, potentially creating a hostile environment. DOE’s Office of Civil Rights announced a resolution with Forsyth County Schools, a Georgia school district, regarding how it enacted a 2022 ban on alleged “sexually explicit” books in schools, citing a violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 

Pres. Biden condemns signing of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality [sic] Act. The National Security Council will evaluate the law’s implications and U.S. engagement with Uganda.

State Matters

Warning: While some of the following stories describe legislative actions to celebrate and affirm LGBTQ+ people, many cover legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and non-binary youth. Please be kind to yourself and use your discretion while reading this section. 

Advisory: State news is representative but not exhaustive due to space constraint; feel free to forward news about your state to to consider for inclusion.

Alabama - Gov. Kay Ivey signs bill to extend ban on trans female athletes to universities. On May 30th, HB 261 was signed into law, extending the ban on trans female athletes beyond K-12; it passed 26-4 in the Senate and 83-5 in the House plus more than 12 abstentions in the House vote.

Missouri - AG Andrew Bailey demands that police enforce anti-trans medically necessary health ban law. He seeks to enlist local law enforcement to block access to care following the Kansas City Council declaring the state’s largest city as a “sanctuary” for people seeking medically necessary care. 

Global Matters

India - Openly trans woman is first from Kashmir to work in India’s corporate world and urges family support for LGBTQ and intersex youth. Shoaib Khan, a corporate employee for 11 years, urges families not to deprive LGBTQ+ youth of their basic human rights and to try to educate them, as she described her own challenging path to get an education.

Israel - Jerusalem Pride had record attendance and security amid right-wing and ultraconservative threats. Organizers’ initial count showed 30,000 people from Israel’s tech sector, women’s organizations, army reservists, and LGBTQ+ communities assembled in solidarity on June 1st for the peaceful march under heavy security, with about 2,000 officers along the route. 

Japan - Second court rules that same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. On May 30th, the Nagoya District Court became the second major higher court to issue that ruling; the Sapporo District Court ruled in March 2021 that the ban violated two provisions of the Constitution.

Malaysia - Government raids Swatch stores, confiscating Pride-themed watches. The Muslim-majority nation criminalizes same-sex intimacy and often targets LGBTQ+ visibility or pro-LGBTQ+ signs of support.

Uganda - Anti-LGBTQ+ bill signed into law on May 30th. The President enacted the law that criminalizes same-sex relations with some offenses yielding the death penalty and imposes a 20-year sentence for pro-LGBTQ+ advocacy.

Media Matters

Beyoncé makes tour restrooms gender neutral. The Renaissance World Tour that launched on May 10th included this feature at every venue so far as an expression of her being a long-time ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Likely friction at some venues does not dissuade her.

GenderCool youth interviewed about their identities. Trans and nonbinary youth are our children and our neighbors, and are profiled in this story that celebrates their pride in themselves.

Thirty iconic and influential drag performers who marked LGBTQ+ culture and beyond are highlighted. NBC Out for Pride 30 created this profile to celebrate Pride month.

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