Court Matters

PFLAG National and three Texas families seek to block state investigations of gender-affirming families. The American Civil Liberties Union, Lambda Legal, and the ACLU of Texas along with the Texas-based law firm Baker Botts LLP filed a lawsuit in Texas state court on June 8th. In announcing the lawsuit, Brian K. Bond, Executive Director of PFLAG National, said, “For nearly 50 years, PFLAG parents have united against government efforts to harm their LGBTQ kids. By going after trans kids and their families, Gov. Abbott has picked a fight with thousands of families in Texas and across the country who are united as members of PFLAG National. Read the full statement here. 

Texas social media law blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court. The law would have prevented social media companies such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, from blocking content based on viewpoint. A federal district court previously blocked the law, citing it as a possible First Amendment violation. 

Philadelphia petitions P.A. Supreme Court to reinstate gun law. The city is asking the state Supreme Court to hear a case about a 2009 city law requiring that city residents report lost or stolen firearms within 24 hours. Commonwealth Court judges placed a permanent injunction on the law in February. 

Florida Supreme Court refuses to hear case over Congressional district gerrymandering. The new Congressional district map dismantles the state’s Fifth Congressional District, which was a majority-black district. Pieces of the old Fifth District were absorbed into four other Congressional districts, none of which are majority-black.

Federal judge rules against employers denying trans health coverage. The court ruled on June 2, 2022 that excluding gender-affirming care from employer-provided health insurance violates federal law. 

Federal Matters

President Biden releases LGBTQI+ Proclamation for Pride Month. President Biden officially proclaimed June 2022 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month. The statement condemns anti-LGBTQI+ legislation and reiterates the administration’s support for LGBTQI+ Americans. It also highlights the need for continued work protecting LGBTQI+ rights.

State Matters

In the last year, we’ve seen a marked rise in anti-LGBTQ+ action in state and local governments. Many states are introducing legislation targeting trans youth, and local schools and libraries are being pressured into censoring LGBTQ+ history and stories. Visit to take action against anti-trans bills in your state today

Want to take action and not sure where to start? Please contact Patrick Cochran, Advocacy and Policy Engagement Senior Coordinator.

Florida - Medicaid regulator says state coverage should not include gender-affirming care. Tom Wallace, the deputy secretary for Medicaid at the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration, submitted a report that, contrary to the position of both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association, claims there is no evidence that gender-affirming care is safe and effective for treating gender dysphoria. This does not immediately halt Medicaid coverage for gender affirming care– an official rulemaking procedure would be needed to make such a change to state policy. 

Indiana - Legislature overrides governor veto, enacting anti-trans sports ban. The law prohibits transgender girls from participating in sports that match their gender identity. 

Louisiana - Legislature excludes transgender women from newly-created Office of Women’s Health. Senate Bill 116 was passed unanimously in the state Senate and House of Representatives. The new office is intended to address women’s health disparities in the state, and includes an amendment that excludes transgender women from receiving services. 

Gov. Edwards declines to veto anti-trans sports ban, allowing it to become law. The bill, which bans trans athletes from competing on teams which align with their gender identity from elementary school through college, passed both houses of the legislature with veto-proof majorities. Governor John Bel Edwards is the first Democratic governor to decline to veto a trans athlete ban, which will now take effect on August 1st.

Massachusetts - Veterans will soon be eligible for benefits denied during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Representative John Velis introduced an amendment to the state budget that enables veterans who were expelled from the armed forces due to their sexual orientation to receive the same state benefits as other veterans. It was approved unanimously by the state Senate.

New York - “X” gender marker now available on state IDs. This is a result of the Gender Recognition Act passed by the New York state assembly in 2021. As of June 24, 2022, residents will be able to choose the “X” gender marker for driver licenses, learner permits, and ID cards. 

North Carolina - Senators consider “Don’t Say Gay” bill. House Bill 755 would prohibit teaching students about gender and sexuality in early elementary school and would require school employees to out LGBTQ+ students to their parents. 

Ohio - House Committee holds first hearing for “Don’t Say Gay” bill. House Bill 616 would prohibit schools from teaching about “devisive or inherently racist concepts,” which includes sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3. Teachers who violate the bill would be subject to investigation, and could be prevented from receiving credits needed to renew their teaching license. 

House of Representatives passes bill requiring medical verification if a student’s sex is called into question. House Bill 151 was amended to include the Save Women’s Sports Act, and stipulates that athletes whose sex is disputed must provide a physician’s statement confirming their sex based on reproductive anatomy, naturally produced hormone levels, and genetics. 

South Carolina - Governor signs anti-trans sports ban. House Bill 4608, also known as the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” prohibits transgender athletes from playing girls’ or women’s sports in public schools and colleges. 

Utah - Two families file lawsuit against anti-trans sports ban. They filed the lawsuit against the state of Utah in the Third Judicial District Court for Salt Lake City. The families say the law stigmatizes and discriminates against their children and requests that the court find the bill unconstitutional and block it from being enacted.

Global Matters

India - Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law hosts colloquium on LGBTQ+ identity. Colloquium attendees proposed potential pathways towards expanded rights, legal gender recognition, and procedural dignity for queer and trans citizens. Several transgender students at the University shared lived experiences that informed their legal studies. 

Israel - Jerusalem Pride organizers receive death threats prior to parade. The anonymous threats referenced “the fate of Shira Banki,” an Israeli teen killed by an ultra-Othrodox assailant at the 2015 Parade. In addition to launching an official investigation into the threats, thousands of police officers will be present in uniform and plainclothes at the 2022 Parade. 

Poland - Thousands participate in Gdańsk Pride March. Despite Catholic counterprotestors, President Andrzej Duda’s homophobic stances, and the establishment of LGBT-free zones in the country, nearly 8,000 Polish citizens marched for LGBTQ+ equality and empowerment. The 2022 Pride March took place on Saturday, May 28th with the annual slogan, “We have the power.” 

Spain - Monkeypox stigma impacts lead-up to Madrid Pride. Spanish LGBTQ+ groups raise concerns over the potentially homophobic hysteria underlying responses to rising monkeypox cases in Europe. Organizers worry that homophobia and prejudice of sexually transmitted infections may drive aggressive restrictions of Madrid Pride. 

Thailand - LGBTQ+ community celebrates first official Pride Parade. Queer and trans citizens and their allies marched in the first Pride Parade supported by the local government. Increased government support of LGBTQ+ rights may signal the future passage of civil partnership bills in the Thai Parliament.

Ukraine - Artist creates support network for Ukrainian LGBTQ+ refugees. Filip Kijowski transformed his gallery residency into a safe space for queer and trans Ukrainians to access shelter, food, hormones, and other essential resources. Kijowski seeks to connect Ukrainians to safe spaces and protect them from LGBT-free zones and subsequent discrimination in Poland. 

United Kingdom - Whistleblower reveals National Health Service withheld advice for pregnant nonbinary and transgender patients. After the whistleblower’s media disclosure, senior NHS staff published digital content providing health advisory information for pregnant gender non-conforming individuals. The content had been blocked by NHS for nearly a year, leading many LGBTQ+ citizens to criticize the institution for transphobic discrimination that potentially endangered patients’ lives.

Media Matters

Mattel models first trans Barbie on Laverne Cox. The historic Tribute Collection Barbie marks the award-winning actress’s 50th birthday, as well as her powerful role as an LGBTQ+ icon in media representation. 

NYU College of Nursing offers elective course on LGBTQ+ health. In response to student demand, the College successfully piloted an “affirming and inclusive” course on queer and trans healthcare in Spring 2022. The course will be offered expansively in Fall 2022, allowing students to gain experience in providing inclusive care to queer and trans patients. 

BBC announces new LGBTQ+ programming for Pride Month. The broadcast company recently revealed a slate of documentaries, podcasts, and radio shows centering LGBTQ+ experiences and voices. Highlights include podcast episodes on David Bowie and the first Pride march in London. 

​​Video game company EA publicly expresses support for LGBTQ+ community. The statement occurred after EA staff members criticized senior leadership for remaining silent on LGBTQ+ and abortion rights. Several major video game companies have released similar statements in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s potential overturning.

San Diego LGBTQ+ community highlights intersectional experiences. Although San Diego Pride is slated for early July, intersectional celebrations like Latinx Pride occur this month. These events allow LGBTQ+ community members to uphold their cultural, sexual, and gender identities simultaneously.  

Justine Lindsay makes history as first openly transgender NFL cheerleader. Lindsay joined the Carolina Panthers cheer team in June, effectively trailblazing for the LGBTQ+ community. Her position on the team provides visibility and representation for both trans individuals and Black women.

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